Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Let the Potty Begin

That's right. Today is Day 1 of Potty Training at our house.

Between these guys,

and these guys,

and these guys,

and these guys

it has been a huge success! Almost boring in Avery's opinion. Way to go girl!

Unfortunately, the lack of attention towards Sawyer has been a bit rough for him.

But we might only have one kid in diapers after this! I don't even remember what that's like, but I think I'll get used to it mighty fast!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Same room!

I am happy to say that Avery and Sawyer have been sharing a room for two months now!

Sure their room is a bit sparse (as in only beds and kids are allowed in this room,) and their beds are at crazy angles (but very strategically so, this is optimal visual obstruction of one another) but it has been a good transition for them. We've learned to lay Sawyer down first, and then lay Avery down about 10 minutes later. Lots of bribes (and a fair share of threats) has resulted in a really good routine of sleep.

And oh how I love sleep.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Valentines Week

Is there anything more romantic on Valentine's Day than a surprise homemade valentine in the car?

Or to have a love message scrapped into your windshield frost?

Let me tell you, there isn't!

But if you add a nice heart shaped waffle for dinner,

and Oreo brownies for dessert, then you have a perfect Valentine's Day.

But why stop the love there? The following weekend my niece Kimberly was getting baptized, so the kids and I packed up and drove to Michigan the day after Valentine's Day. Growing up, every member of my family would draw another family member's name to make a Valentine for. I haven't been able to participate in that tradition for 10 years. That is, until this year!

Avery drew Uncle Ben's name, and here is what she came up with.

On the back I had her fill in some blanks of the message to him. This is what it said:

Ben is a boy.
I love you.
Happy Birthday.

And here is Avery's Valentine she got from cousin Kimberly (who just turned 8 years old!) These two girls are so sweet together.

I drew my sister Kelsey's name,

and my Dad drew me. (Who doesn't love Dave Barry? And when calendars are 75% off at this time of year, you have a dynamite combination.)

Sawyer drew Grandpa's name,

and added his own artwork to the top and bottom of the ball.

Sawyer had a hard time giving up that ball, but fortunately Grandma drew his name and made him a knock knock joke valentine.

Which was complete with door flaps for him to open. It was a complete win!

All in all, we made out like bandits this year for Valentine's Day! Plus, Kelsey scored all this free movie theater popcorn, so we were well fed too. :)

But to cap it all off was Kimberly's baptism! She asked Ben to baptize her.

Kristin flew in from Texas for the event, so the 4 Pennock sisters united to sing at the baptism (I'm not sure where Jesica was for this picture, but there really was 4 of us...)

And how cute is this picture? Avery has talked to me daily about how Kimberly got baptized.

Kyle was able to drive up the morning of, so he got to be a part of it too.

We felt pretty blessed and loved during February!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Saw yer post about Sawyer

Let me gush about my sweet little boy for a few minutes.

He is the world's best toddler kisser ever. I'm not kidding, he is such a lover and is happy to share that love.

Sawyer is a wonderful eater. He doesn't fight me to get into his high chair (as in, he actually climbs into it unprompted all. the. time. That kids loves to eat!)

As you can tell he is getting more independent and messy with his food daily.

I thank the Lord daily that he is such a better sleeper now. I feel like I will never take sleeping through the night for granted again. Sleep has hands down been the hardest hurdle for this kid, but he conquered it!

I took Sawyer to see an allergist for his reaction to milk, so they did a skin test. #1 is cow's milk. #2 is water. #3 is histamine (which is used to gauge what a severe reaction would look like.)

As you can see, he welted right up. So for now, he still drinks Soy milk (which sounds right. Soy-milk for Saw-yer...it has a nice ring to it.) I really think he'll grow out of it in the next year though.

This kid loves to be outside. Especially in wind; the gustier it is the better.

He loves to run up to a person, cuddle, look lovingly up into your eyes, and then STAB you as hard as he can in your eyeball. It's kind of tender and very painful.

His words include: Hello, please, thank you, again, a ball, mommy, dada, monkey, amen, more, no, pretzel, granola bar, cracker, and milk. He also can tell you what sounds the dinosaur, snake, cow, horse, pig, dog, cat, bird, bee, bear, tiger, frog, and car make too.

Sawyer has some fancy feet! This boy can walk, walk fast, squat down to *almost* jump, and can climb on top of any couch or chair he meets. He is an unstoppable force!

Sawyer is starting to show interest in books, which is awesome. I find few things cuter than my toddler sitting down by himself to read a book.

And this book lover has 16 teeth (at 16 months. It's pretty impressive) Check out that drool!

He is also hitting the "two year old tantrums" several months early. It's a bit tough to weather through them (as in you can't bribe them quite as well as a two year old) but we're making it through. Lots of distractions and deep breaths help.

The first thing he does when he goes into the play room is mount this rocking horse. Kyle's Grandpa made it and it is well loved!

He still loves balls. He spends majority of his day looking for, chasing after, throwing and talking about balls.

He has turned into quite the artist, although he is no longer allowed to draw with markers.

The biggest comment I get from people when I take Sawyer out and about is, "He looks so serious."

I don't know what makes them say that...is it the eyebrows? :)

Apparently Kyle received the same comments when he was baby. Later he was nicknamed "Ky Smiley" so we'll see how long Sawyer can keep up this "serious" reputation.

Which can't be too long, because he can give some pretty charming smiles when you ask him to.

I adore this smiley picture. The crooked jaw...ah...it is perfect!

He still has beautiful baby eye lashes. Sigh.

He is absolutely amazing and adorable.

I love my Sawyer James!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A very Avery Post

Avery Dawn has gone through some kind of growth spurt lately and is looking way more like a kid and way less like a toddler.

What makes me say that?

#1 She loves dirt. That's a kiddo thing, right? Digging in it, rolling in it,

wearing it as makeup... :) Dirt is all good.

Sidenote: This is Avery's alphabet shirt...and it is missing the letter O. Weird, right?

#2 She loves jumping. Her latest thing is to squat down on the floor and say, "I'm a frog! RIBBIT. RIBBIT." She gets some pretty good distance on each of those RIBBITS.

#3 She loves to be around pets. She giggled up a storm when Rufus would play fetch with her.

The kitties don't appreciate Avery as much as she appreciates them. She has a tendency to squeeze the life out of them like Elmyra from Tiny Toons (does anyone remember that character?)

#4 She loves scoping out new places. She is a fearless explorer.

#5 She can be so helpful. I was pretty impressed she set the table (minus a plate for her...no surprise there, that girls survives off of air) and even more impressed that she made rice for dinner.

#6 She wishes she had a baby brother (if only she did...Oh wait....)

#7 She is a pro napper. The battles have ceased and we have quiet time in our house again! :)

#8 She loves the snow.With all of her <3

Especially eating it. She literally cannot get enough of it and frequently tries (and unfortunately succeeds) at eating it off of benches, sidewalks, cars, and roads...that girl loves herself some winter.

#9 Like most 2 year olds, she is extremely independent. She just can express it much better lately by saying, "Don't help me. I do it." It's better than her newer version that is simply, "Don't touch me."

#10 She is still EXTREMELY SILLY!

As shown here. Avery lives for these stickers she gets at Krogers. I would have never thought to put them over my mouth and eyes though...whatever gets you through the weekly grocery trip!

#11 Avery has a fierce love for the health field. She can examine her own throat which is really quite remarkable!

And drawing up medication in a syringe? No problem! :) She does my nurse's heart proud!

#12 She is absolutely beautiful.

Even with her goofy camera smile...

Although nothing can beat her dazzling smile.

This girl is absolutely one in a million!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Sawyer's New Love

Sawyer has an all time favorite toy right now. And it is balls.

He goes around the house, picking them up and saying (at least 12 times) "A ball! A ball!"

He is always aware of where they are.

And has gotten quite talented at throwing them.

Look at that mile wide grin.

Folks, I think I've got an athlete on my hands.

And I love it!

Friday, February 21, 2014


Sunday afternoons can get all of us a bit stir crazy. The work week begins the following day, and we are all just a little whacked out from 3 hours of church.

A 14 can tower quickly fixes everything!

Which Kyle steadied while Avery became possessive of it.

Which lead to Sawyer tears.

Which lead to a solo photo.

Yup, we are never hard up for entertainment around here.